April 7, 2008

Master Development Plan

On 08 April 2008, the Carolina Beach Town Council will vote whether to approve the Master Development Plan. It is anticipated that the Council vote will be unanimous in support of the plan as it has been a collaborative effort from the beginning.

In case you haven't looked at it, I've included a link for the final draft. Personally, I think it is very impressive and believe it has the potential to take Carolina Beach to a new level. The attention to visuals and architectural details is very impressive and helps showcase the natural beauty of the area. The focus on pedestrian and bike friendly avenues is something that should be at the forefront of any beach community plan. And in this case, they are right on target as they have made it a high priority..

Long term, it will take both residents and business owners to make this plan part of CB's future. But when it happens, it will be a win win for both parties as the plan will make Carolina Beach a nicer place to live and will help business owners prosper. But for now, it is just a road map and we'll have to rely on elected officials to be the steward of this plan and make it an eventual reality.

Master Development Plan--final draft
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