April 1, 2008

Boardwalk Makeover Update--Major Kudos To ALL Involved!!

(email rec'd from the POC 3/31/2008)
Just want to report that even though our weekend was seasonally cool and windy our volunteers came out in force and delivered. We completed another cove, we filled all the planters. We planted a few but were not able to locate all our final planter plants. We also were able to place all the large planters. We would not have been able to do it without the generosity of some of our local company’s volunteer efforts and contributions of two Bobcats, and use of the two planned Hotel properties lots.

Our mural effort which was more vulnerable to the weather at least got painted in pattern wise and will go better with fair weather.

Our palm effort was also completed except for moving 2 in the park. We also got them bedded in with our turkey compost, it took 10 yards, that is a lot of turkey.

The town really stepped up this week with two crews one that cut the sod and another that laid the sod and they were able to install all of our sod which will be loving all this rain about now. Just some real kudos to all our town employees who supported the effort, they were great to work with. We tried their patience with water breaks, electric wiring cuts and sod cutter break downs. Everyone stepped in and kept the train going even with all the little expected derailments. Then they were able to complete the sod effort and clean up all our other messes. Just a great effort. Tim maybe we should send you to Puerto Rico more often. Thanks for setting it all up before you got away.

We were able to complete the base irrigation effort just not complete the fine tune of it. Hopefully we can work out some of the bugs this week.

The welcome center is still getting a work over, We were able to get the roof capped. The drywall got another coat one of many, and we got some more trim. May be this week we can get to painting it on the inside.

The fund raising team again delivered more results and laid ground work for more to come.

Even a memorial service in the middle of Saturdays effort at the gazebo worked out as a donut brake.

All and all I cannot say enough about the whole team effort behind the scenes and in the trenches by everyone, and I mean everyone. We even had volunteers from across the bridge, do they count? Let me just say this team effort is based on a lot of individuals with great talents in many different disciplines, so mix this all up add a lot of generosity and bake and the synergy of this group is truly awesome.

So what is next? We have to paint the mural wall, fund more coves so we can plant them. Get the final plants for the large and small planters and plant them, also add a gel additive to the planter soil to retain water to protect our plants. We also need 2 boardwalk businesses to step up and take on planter water duty for their alley. Install the bench/planters. Begin prepping for the boardwalk concrete paint effort. Start the banner production and install them on all the light posts. Paint the inside of the welcome center install the fixtures and lighting. Paint the Gazebo with some color accents. Install the water fountains, signs and bike racks.

All this in the next 4 weeks. The end is in sight, lets deliver it all early, so we can really be ready for the festivities of celebrating the makeover of our town’s family room.

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