March 10, 2008

Fort Fisher Aquarium Summer Camps--something different (and educational) for your kids

North Carolina Aquarium at Fort Fisher’s week-long summer camps offer a chance to learn and have fun while participating in live animal encounters, outdoor activities, and unique aquarium-specific learning opportunities. Camps are offered to children ages 5-6, 7-9, 10-12, and 13-14. The first camp begins June 16 and camps are held throughout the summer until August 15. Each camp day lasts from 8:30am until 3:00pm. Camp is held rain or shine.

Summer Camp Registration will begin on March 10, registration applications will be available online at this time. Call 910-458-7468 or e-mail for more information.

Address: H2OWatery ecosystems are the focus of this camp. Campers explore how aquatic habitats support a variety of life, and how it all interacts to share the same space. Through fun activities and crafts, campers become junior biologists.

Life on Planet OceanWhen 70% of the planet is covered by ocean, it seems strange to call our planet “earth!” Oceans control weather, produce oxygen, and provide a home for a vast array of marine life. Campers meet and learn about the strange and beautiful creatures living in Planet Ocean through activities and crafts.

Amazing AnimalsIcy cold mountain streams, rivers, lakes, ponds and salty seas: How can animals survive in so many different places? Adaptation is the name of the game and the focus of this camp. Campers learn about and meet some of N. C. amazingly well adapted animals through field trips, games, crafts, and role-playing.

New! Coastal Crusaders for ages 13-14Teens participate in fishing, canoeing, and exploring barrier islands, among other adventures. This camp inspires learning more about, and protecting, coastal resources.

Camp Fees:
5-6,7-9 and 10-12
$180.00 for Aquarium Society members
$200.00 for non-members
$225.00 for Aquarium Society Members
$250.00 for non-members
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