March 10, 2008

Carolina Beach Boardwalk...Get Involved!

“Boardwalk Makeover” is a campaign to improve the Boardwalk area, bringing together the Town of Carolina Beach, Boardwalk property owners, and other island businesses and residents in a common effort. Carolina Beach has set aside $37,500 for the project, and the Boardwalk Makeover Committee is in the process of seeking additional donations – with a goal of $150,000 – to bring their vision to fruition.

In an effort to update and beautify the Boardwalk, the project will include staining the existing concrete walkways, painting benches and other fixtures with beach-themed colors, landscaping the berm on the ocean side of the Boardwalk, and other cosmetic fixes to put a shine on this gem in the center of Carolina Beach. Additionally, the Committee is working on long-term activities and events to make the Boardwalk a focal point for the island. If you would like to learn more about this effort, make a contribution, or become a volunteer, visit, or contact the Pleasure Island Chamber of Commerce. The Committee is operating under the Pleasure Island Chamber of Commerce 501(c)3 Foundation - The Pleasure Island Foundation for a Sustainable Community.

In order to receive a 100% tax deduction all contributions - cash or in-kind - should be made out to the PI Foundation / Boardwalk Makeover. If you have any questions regarding contributions please call the Chamber at 910-458-8434
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