March 13, 2008

The Blackhorn Bar & Kitchen Reviving Carolina Beach

The Carolina Beach boardwalk has a little known place where people can eat food and enjoy daily events. The Black Horn Bar & Kitchen has already established itself as a place of good food and entertainment in the two years it's been running. The restaurant rests in the center of the on-shore boardwalk displaying a daily specials board.

It was started by three college guys from Syracuse, N.Y. Now they have a mission to bring the Carolina Beach boardwalk back to life. One of them, Adam Higgins, is the manager of Back Horn.

"I think [Black Horn] offers something for people ages zero to sixty," he said.

Higgins gestured to the back of the restaurant toward the slightly hidden arcade with shelves of prizes on the wall.

Back Horn's event calendar consists of poker tournament nights, $5 sushi nights, a comedy night and live music every Friday and Saturday. Live entertainment includes such bands as Jah Creations, Daniel Parish Band and Hush Puppies.

"I want to attract the young Wilmington crowd. We hope to have about a hundred outdoor seating by April 1st…maybe even dog friendly."

Along with the live entertainment, there are more than 20 plasma televisions including private flat screens at each booth. There are both smoking and non-smoking sections for eating and drinking. The nautical themed bar offers half off all bar items every Thursday.

Higgins compared the global economy to "the global palate," that is to say a variety of foods on restaurant's menu from different backgrounds.

"I've taken my idea to another level… It's important that the food have that 'wow' factor," Higgins said.

The fusion based menu serves up dishes like the "Phat Piiilly" and "Portobello Wrap," both with homemade basil-garlic mayonnaise sauce and a side of applesauce and fries. A customer can "man up," the menu says, by adding chicken to the wrap. Some items are named after people from their college years like "Gym Girl" and "Vinny Goombatz.

"Future plans for the three owners are to build a multi-level restaurant much like Black Horn sometime next summer. The restaurant, with the possible name "Tortuga," would also be located on Carolina Beach near the Marriott hotel.

Danielle Whittington
Issue date: 3/13/08
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