February 17, 2008

Carolina Beach Boardwalk Makeover

(Pictured Above:) Volunteers and dedicated town employees begin the hard work.

The efforts to makeover and improve the Carolina Beach Boardwalk and its surrounding areas are in full force. Local business owners, realtors, and residents met Monday, January 21 at the Courtyard Marriott for the first committee meeting. Responsibilities were divided and individual teams were formed to allocate tasks and focus community efforts in specific directions.

Marketing, Design, and Arts and Activities were among the different task forces decided upon, and each group will tackle various aspects of improvement to bring the committee’s plans to fruition. Two more local businesses have donated funds toward the project, and all residents, realtors, or businesses who want to help improve Carolina Beach are encouraged to contribute. for more information or with questions on how you can help this great cause.

One of the most exciting developments of the improvement plan is the new website, www.boardwalkmakeover.org, which is a great community resource to keep people updated and involved in the changes going on. The site features a calendar of upcoming events, such as the team meeting next Monday, January 28, and it also currently has a list of the plans, team efforts, and donation levels pertinent to the project. The website is also a forum for public feedback, and it will soon feature blogs and notes on upcoming plans. Visit the site today and leave your comments and responses to this great effort to improve the Carolina Beach Boardwalk.
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